Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Pressed Flowers

...Cookies with flowers on them that is :)


     The boys were bugging me to make something they could snack on.  I’ve been playing around with the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps since before Valentine’s Day.  Yes, I get an impression of whatever I’ve stamped.  I’m just not 100% satisfied with the outcome.  I’m sure it is the recipe I use and I keep trying something different each time.  Stampin’ Up! includes a couple of recipes in with the Cookie Stamps but I wanted to try some of my own tried-and-true cookie recipes.  For these, I used a popular bagged sugar cookie mix and used the rolled cookie recipe.  I had seen the colored sugar idea in the Stampin’ Success magazine.  Of course, the ones in the magazine are a lot prettier.  These will take some perfecting.  I first filled the stamp with the sugar and then pressed the cookie dough ball on top of the stamp.  Turn it over on the cookie sheet and lift the stamp off.  No matter how carefully or slowly I lifted the stamp off, sugar would sprinkle all over the cookie.  I was just too lazy to pick off these little flyaway particles.  Though, with a bit of patience, it can be done.  But, with my two boys crying for something “good” to eat…a few escaped sprinkle weren’t going to bother us at all!  :) 

     Let me tell you…these cute little flower cookies didn’t last long! :)  Thanks for stopping in today.  I’m sure you followed your nose :)  I hope you’ve been inspired to give these Cookie Stamps a try.  They can be found in the Occasions Mini Catalog.  Enjoy! 



Supply List:  Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps – Occasions (#127081), bagged sugar cookie mix, blue sugar sprinkles, lots of love :)


  1. I think these have turned out really sweet, no pun intended! We don't have the cookie press here in NZ!! I know an awful lot of bakers who would love them. Keep trying Leslee, don't let them beat you!

  2. I liked the 'flyaway' sprinkles! It made the cookies look like you had used a colour spritzer and they were meant to be there! I do have a set ... a gift from a friend ... but haven't yet mastered them either! I wonder if perhaps I should try again!?

    I have missed out on some fun! A week away on hols followed by a busy week getting organised for our school fair has meant I have missed a few posts! Sorry! (I will scroll back & check them out!)

    Hugs xxx