Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Ribbon Rosette

** Disclaimer – The following is a rant.  You may skip down to the next paragraph if you so choose to do so.  It won’t offend me in the slightest :) 

     Anyone who follows my blog should know, I try really hard to use up the scraps that are left on my desk.  However, now I know why I tend to accumulate so many scraps!  I get tired when everything starts to look the same.  I know many of you can agree…if you don’t move on to a different color, technique and/or design, you’ll get stuck in that ‘everything’s-looking-the-same' rut.  I feel like I’m in that rut now.  So, I promise, I will move on to something different.  I’ve been working on a bunch of baby shower invites and will show you that in a couple of days.  But first, you will also see how my mind travels from one card to the next.  Take a look back at my posts over the last month.  You’ll understand what I mean.  Start with a nice color combo then change the layout, then the technique, then the color, then back to the original color with the new technique because you just have to see what it will look like in that color, then back to the other color with a new technique…sigh…and it’s a continuous, vicious circle that sticks you to that rut.  All because you are trying to use up the bits and pieces of leftovers laying about your desk!!

100_3618     So!  I’ll skip the whole ‘how I did that’ because you’ve already seen that technique…it’s nothing new.  I’ll jump straight to the awesome Ribbon Rosette that I made.  Now, you may have seen this out there in cyberland…but this is the first I’ve made and I’m pretty darn pleased with it.  I used the Baja Breeze Seam Binding Ribbon (that I swore I didn’t like) and pulled just one thread near the edge.  Actually, I held one thread while I worked the ribbon into a ruffle.  Thus, naturally curling to form a rosette.  I taped it down to a Scallop Circle punch out and inserted a large Antique Brad in the center.  I just had to punch the strip of Baja Breeze with the Eyelet Border punch and then run it through the Crimper.  Cool look!  Get used to it…you’ll see it again real soon!  See what I mean??  Stuck in the rut!  Haha! 


     Funny thing is, I think it’s a beautiful rut to be in :)  Thanks for stopping by today. 

Hang in there with me.  I will find my way out :)  I hope you’ve been inspired to use up those leftovers on your desk :)



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  1. I happen to like your "rut"!! This ribbon rosette is so lovely Leslee. I will have to give it a go sometime!!

  2. Giggle ... your "rut" has brought a smile to my face today. Paula likes your "rut" ... and I like your "rant"! Win Win!!! And ... to top it all off ... the rosette is SENSATIONAL! And ... I have a solution to your problem ... file the leftovers ... clear the desk ... and start afresh each time! (Not that I think you need to do that ... because what you are offering is very pleasing to the eye! ... and to my TO CASE file!" Hugs xxaxx